Post Title. - Meredith J. Berlin -- The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked
A new group of Ghost Light Kids are on the move!  The C.A.S.T. 2 class (5-8 years old) at Seattle Children's Theatre is on the track of the ghost of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who has been haunting the theater for the past few weeks.  He has been trying to steal Basil's costume (Basil is the actor who played the Sheriff in the SCT production of Robin Hood) so that he can finally capture Robin Hood.  Luckily for Hans, the actor playing Robin Hood, the production has ended.  But the Ghost Light Sheriff doesn't know that!  We're worried that the Ghost LIght Sheriff may try to get on the stage of Frog and Toad, which would really mess things up!  Luckily, the C.A.S.T. 2 class is studying up by reading The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked.  I'm sure the crisis will soon be resolved.  All of this is stre

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