Seeing Peter Pan at SCT - Meredith J. Berlin -- The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked
Our family went to see the preview of Peter Pan last night at SCT.  Wow!  What a production.  It was fun for all of us, and especially satisfying for me since I have been thinking/living/breathing Hook for so long. 

The evening was dramatic in more ways than one -- the power was off at Seattle Center for most of the day, so when we got to the theater, it was dark except for a few flashlight beams.  The crowd outside the theater remained hopeful and in good spirits, and when the power finally came on we let out a great cheer.  Those of us who stayed were treated to an excellent performance. 

I was especially relieved when the power came back on, because I was afraid I might have unwittingly caused bad luck earlier in the day by foolishly saying the name of the Scottish King in my classroom.  My classroom is not on the stage or in the backstage area, but it is in the SCT theater building.  Did I and cause the power to remain out so long?  Does it count if you say MacBeth in the administrative area?  I only said it because I was reading the first chapter of The Ghost LIght Kids Get Hooked to my CAST 2 class.  So am I innocent or guilty?
Envirokitten Alia
11/19/2009 07:13:03 pm

Is it also bad luck to write the other name for the Scottish King? I think you are innocent: Maggie and Jacob said it, not you.


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