Tinker Bell, Book Reports and a Green Cake - Meredith J. Berlin -- The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked
B.Y., a fifth grade student, told me this week that she is writing her book report on The Ghost LIght Kids Get Hooked!  That made me very happy.  I'm looking forward to reading the report!  I'm also getting excited about the upcoming book reading events at University Book Store and the Lake City Library.  Thinking about baking a cake with green frosting for the Library event...not sure if I can create a frosting Tinkerbelle as lovely as the one the Ghost LIght Hook makes.  (see chapter 7 in the book to get my reference.)  But I promise not to add any poison tears. 

Speaking of Tinkerbelle, there seems to be a variety of spellings for her name.  Which do you favor?
Envirokitten Alia
11/12/2009 05:58:58 pm

I think a cake is a great idea! Tinker Bell could have solid wings and no face. that would be easier than what hook did!


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