Meet me at the Northeast branch in March! - Meredith J. Berlin -- The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked
Many thanks to Erica, fabulous children's librarian at the Northeast branch of the Seattle Public Library, for helping me plan my next drama workshop & reading.  It will be on Wednesday, March 24th from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.  Anthony Bencivengo and Keara Berlin will be performing a scene from the book, and I will read a chapter or two (different ones from at the Lake City Library, so for those who want to join us again, it will be a new experience).  Then instead of improvising scenes related to the characters in "The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked" and "Peter Pan", we will become Jacob and Maggie meeting characters from the play "Oliver."  These improvs should get everyone excited about the next book in the series, currently titled "Pickpocket:  A Ghost LIght Kids Adventure."  Who knows -- your ideas may change the course of (my writing) history!!  See you there. 

PS -- this event is designed for kids, but there's no rule against grown-ups jumping into the improvs! 

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