It's not so easy to dress as Captain Hook - Meredith J. Berlin -- The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked
Keara, Anthony and I have been getting ready for the dramatic reading next Monday at the Lake City Library.  We've chosen the chapters I'll read and the ones they will act out.  Anthony is going to be the spirit of Captain Hook.  We've got a great hat (the one Larry uses when he dresses as a pirate to play on his band-of-pirates Ultimate frisbee team), and we're not too worried about the hook.  The boots are definitely a challenge, and we found a coat that is only so-so.  Haven't given up hope yet...those who come to the Lake City Library event can judge the final result. 

About the next book in the Ghost Light Kids series (a few young readers have told me they are looking forward to getting their hands on it) -- I have now made up my mind about the basic plot.  It involves a famous Dickensian (actual word??)  pick-pocket and introduces some of Maggie and Jacobs new (human) friends.  Stay tuned...
Envirokitten Alia
12/6/2009 05:34:20 pm

Thank goodness boots were found in time! It may have looked funny with captain hook going about in sneakers and Hanes socks!


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