Great Ideas from Ghost Light Kids Readers - Meredith J. Berlin -- The Ghost Light Kids Get Hooked
Lots of great comments and feedback from readers lately.  I had a conversation today with TB, a 5th grade reader who had some suggestions for future characters and plots.  He suggested that since a villain appears when the ghost light is unplugged in the first book, it should be a hero who appears in the second.  I love this concept.  A clueless hero!  Someone from another time period who thinks s/he is helping, but is causing havoc!!  TB suggested a figure from mythology, perhaps from a Native American story.  Keep these ideas coming!  If I don't get to use them all, maybe some of my readers will write some stories themselves and send them to me!!  I promise to read them if you do.
Envirokitten Alia
12/24/2009 07:41:20 pm

Is TB now gone from the country? Just wondering...

That superhero idea could be good for the third book. As the fourth, a mythical or extinct creature could come out, and scientists will want to do tests on it. Maggie and Jacob could become friends with the creature... just an idea.


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